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Russia and EU: History and Present

Prof. in charge: 

Valerij Ljubin, Roberta Alonzi

This course enables students to get to know and understand the historical development of relationships between Russia and the EU and the prospects for future collaboration. The first part (lessons) will give an overview of relations between Russia (USSR) and the EEC in 1957-1991. The EEC rivalry with a similar organization COMECON, which included the USSR and other socialist countries, is outlined. The partnership of the Russian Federation with the European Union in 1992-2014 will be analyzed. In the second part (seminars). In the third part, the difficult and controversial relations of the Russian Federation and the EU in 2014-2023 will be comprehensively examined.

Didactic material

THEME 1. The specifics of practice of public administration within the European 

THEME 5. The forms and mechanisms of implementation of the European media 

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