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How to write a birth plan

Part 1 of 3: Creating Your Birth Plan Creating your Birth Plan | American Pregnancy Association Creating your Birth Plan | American Pregnancy Association Birth Plan: What It Is, How-to, Sample, and More Birth Plan Template, Examples and Preferences | Pampers Here are some examples of how you can phrase your birth plan preferences: “If possible, I’d like to” “Unless there’s an emergency, I’d prefer”. Design your birth plan with a positive focus. Instead of making a list of what you don’t want, focus on what you do want. Use phrases like, “we hope to,” “we plan to,” or “we anticipate.” Try to avoid phrases like, “we don’t want” or “we want to avoid.” Here are some examples: Format for Creating a Birth Plan As you gather your ideas, be open to the unpredictable nature of labor, suggests Kathleen Slone, a certified nurse-midwife in Baltimore. You may have firm ideas... One of the first steps to creating a birth plan is thinking through what TYPE of birth you want to have. While you don’t HAVE to decide this ahead of time, it can inform your birth plan (and necessary preparations before birth) quite a bit. Your doctor should also be able to tell you if your birth plan is realistic; they know your medical and pregnancy history and can steer you in the best possible direction for a successful and...

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How to write a birth plan

How to write a birth plan

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